Running an Event with Pocket Team

Pocket Team is for anyone charged with planning, managing, or running an event of any size. Other platforms try to solve the problems of running an event with a chat app. While a chat app is useful for more constant contact, a chat app isn't a viable solution for all aspects of event management because it just moves your communications to a different platform, it doesn't provide you with the tools you need to run your event. Pocket Team is different.

Pocket Team is made up of modules. There is a set of core modules that form the backbone of your event and then a series of auxiliary, supporting modules that you can toggle on and off from event to event. You have access to all modules, for the same rate.

Pocket Team's modules provide the foundation you need to run an event.

Contacts and Groups

At the heart of an event are people. Contacts and groups are how you keep everyone organized and manage access to an event. While the Pocket Team app is free to download, only individuals who have been invited to an event are able to log in.

As an event admin, you decide who can access the app, and what they can see once logged in.

Users are invited to events and added to 1 or more groups. Groups are private by default, meaning that only those individuals within that group are able to access a group's content.

As you invite users to an event, you build that event's contact list.

Schedules and Locations

We realize that, no matter best laid plans, schedules at an event often need to be flexible and updated on the fly. With Pocket Team everyone's schedule comes to life and can be quickly updated at any time.

Schedules are tightly coupled with locations, and boast first-in-class timezone support. No matter if you are running a conference in NYC, or a summer camp in Tokyo, or a distributed event spread out all over the world, your event's attendees will know where to be and when.


You shouldn't be distributing folders of printed paper in this day and age! With Pocket Team, you can share all your content directly through the app. You can use Pocket Team to share any type of file including spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, videos, and even websites. The visibility of resources shared through Pocket Team is all based off of groups, so you can control who sees what, ensuring that everyone only has access to the information most relevant to them.

If they can be, resources are cached on device, so even in areas with low to no connectivity, the resources can still be viewed. As an admin you also get a window into who has seen what content, so that you can ensure everyone has reviewed their vital documents.


What good is a system that allows for on-the-fly updates if your event's attendees don't know the updates have been made? With Pocket Team you can send targeted push notifications to ensure that everyone is in the loop. Notifications can be sent to individual users, specific groups, or to the entire event. Notifications can be sent in real time, or queued up in advanced, and sent out on a schedule.


Pocket Team's forms give you an intuitive, powerful way to collect all kinds of information from your event's attendees. Whether you need to collect meal choices, uniform sizes, or support a multi-step registration process, forms can help.

Forms offer a powerful way for you to model a variety of systems, and were designed with flexibility in mind. We've seen used for everything from issue tracking to guest registration, to security checkins.

Pocket Team is a single-source solution foor all of your event management needs.

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